Winston Gull Is the Only Seagull Influencer You Need To Follow

Ok, to start off, Winston is the only seagull influencer we know of, so he currently tops our list of seagull influencers.

Winston Gull Is the Only Seagull Influencer You Need To Follow
Credit: @winston_gull/Instagram

And he’s not technically a seagull, he’s a herring gull, which is essentially a slightly thicker seagull. But regardless of his competition or his gull specifics, his sassy attitude and antics are definitely worth a follow!

Winston isn’t an official pet, but more of an unwelcomed-turned-welcomed guest at this human’s seaside home. He just started letting himself in and the human eventually accepted it. And then started to enjoy it.

Winston then started getting tasty sushi meals on the regular, so you can’t blame him for being a repeat customer by this point.

To get to know Winston a lil more personally, check out the video below.

Don’t tell Winston, but there are hints that his human always wanted a duck, but settled with a gull.

Like his human host, Winston also enjoys practicing yoga.

Winston’s human also makes time to answer the most important questions about sea chickens.

@winston_gull Reply to @hihungryimtalia For all those who wanted to hear my sea chicken feetsies #asmr ♬ Jingle sound logo 10 seconds by piano – Minaco

Since becoming a gullfluencer, it seems Winston is getting a bit too used to the good life…


“It’s just a seagull, they’ll eat anything” …yeah, sure.

♬ original sound – Winston gull

Make sure to follow @winston_gull on Instagram and TikTok.

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