A puppy forever – Meet Ranger, the German Shepherd with dwarfism

This cute lil’ guy is a German Shepherd named Ranger. And you wouldn’t guess by looking at him that he’s already five years old!

While adorable, this is due to him having pituitary dwarfism, which is a defect caused by inbreeding. Inbreeding and improper breeding can cause a range of health issues which can affect the quality of life and life expectancy of dogs.

Ranger is relatively lucky, with no serious health issues as a result of his dwarfism. He did experience extremely dry skin which led to fur loss, which was attributed to his dwarfism. But he has since recovered.

While we can enjoy these adorable photos of Ranger and be happy in knowing he’s healthy and cared for, he is an exception to the difficult lives most inbred dogs face. You can follow him on Instagram at @ranger_thegsheperd.

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