The Pugadile Hunter: Doug the Pug Teams up With the Irwin Family for Parody Video

This annual Steve Irwin Gala Dinner took place in Beverly Hills last week to celebrate the life of the late Crocodile Hunter. The gala’s purpose is to support Wildlife Warriors, the non-profit his family runs to support conservation projects worldwide, in cooperation with the Irwin’s Australia Zoo in Queensland.

The Pugadile Hunter Doug the Pug Teams up With the Irwin Family for Charity
Credit: @dougthepug

While the Crocodile hunter’s son Robert Irwin has seen it all when it comes to interesting and exotic animals, he was clearly starstruck when he met one of the most famous pet influencers.

Doug the Pug is known for his iconic parodies, such as The Big Pug Theory. So while hanging with Robert, Bindi, and Terri Irwin, making a Crocodile Hunter parody was a must: THE PUGADILE HUNTER! Also known as the Dougsnackmori in Latin, the Pugadile is known to stalk down its press, which consists mainly of pizza, burgers, and even baby cheeses! And fearless Pugadiles have even been known to attack a cheese wheel!

Despite his busy celebrity-filled schedule, did you know Doug the Pug published his first book last year?

And in case you missed it, Paris Hilton teamed with the Irwin’s last year to name their baby giraffe!

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