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Does Paris Hilton's Have Any Pets


Princess Piglet

Miniature Pig | Adopted Oct 2009

Meant to be a teacup piglet, Princess Piglet is anything but small. TMZ reported Oct. 9, 2009 that Hilton, 28, ordered a litter-box trained “Royal Dandle” miniature pig from an Oregon breeder for $4,500.

Princess Paris Jr.

Teacup Pomeranian | Adopted Sep 2014

This puppy might as well be royalty. She’s super adorable, super expensive, and lives in the super doggy kennel in Paris’ backyard. Princess Paris Jr. has also been adopted from Betty’s Tea Cup Yorkies, known for expensive celebrity puppies. She was adopted together with Prince Hilton, the most expensive Pomeranian ever. Paris adopted the pair for $25,000.

Prince Hilton, The Pom

Teacup Pomeranian | Adopted Sep 2014

Originally named Mr. Amazing, Paris decided to rename him after some crowd sourcing. Mostly seen on SnapChat, the fluffy teacup Pomeranian actually costed $13,000. To date, that is the most expensive Pomeranian puppy. Little Prince Hilton came from a dog breeder in Calgary, Canada: Betty’s Tea Cup Yorkies



Prada the Chihuahua is part of the Paris clan’s designer doggy line. Prada is Dolce’s mom.

Peter Pan


Quite possibly the most famous of the Paris Chihuahua clan, Peter Pan is the one most frequently seen riding in Paris’ purpose during shopping sprees. Perhaps he has really good taste. The pooch rides along in a tote and can usually be identified as the little head popping out of Paris’ outfits.

Diamond Baby

Teacup Chihuahua | Adopted Oct 2016

This little teacup chihuahua is named Diamond Baby. Through the Paris’ network, the little puppy has already gained thousands of followers on Instagram. The adoption has brought widespread concern over social media as to whether Paris is capable of looking after such a large canine family. Thankfully, money is no object, since this guy cost $8,000. At the very least, they should be very well fed.


Pug | Adopted Aug 2010

Very little has been published on Mugsy the Pug. That hasn’t stopped a few Instagram, Twitter, and Snaps getting leaked with the puppy in Paris’ arms. Adopted during the recording of Paris’ album, Mugsy was seen frequently hanging out with Paris in the recording studio or shopping in Beverly Hills.

Marilyn Monroe


Mostly seen shopping and in Snapchat appearances, this little Pomeranian is named after the queen herself – Marilyn Munroe. Paris, who has mentioned she is a fan of the famed model actress, decided to carry on the name through her small puppy.

Lady Coco Chanel

Miniature Pony | Adopted May 2011

What do you get someone who has everything in the world for Valentine’s Day? Simple answer, a pony, and name her Lady Coco Chanel. Aired for the first time on the Oxygen reality series, “The World According to Paris”, someone decided to go above and beyond for the hotel heiress. Hopefully she gets along with small dogs.

Harajuku Bitch


Known for his expensive taste, Harajuki Bitch is a Pomeranian often seen posing with luxury designer goods. A day-in-the-life for Harajuku involves posing for Instagram or Snapchat, attending award ceremonies, or hanging in the Hilton doggy mansion.


Miniature Pinscher | Adopted Jun 2013

Dollar is a rescued min pin that she adopted with her boyfriend at the time, River Viiperi. He once had an Instagram account but the pup had a hard time keeping up with his popularity so it has since been deleted.



A little Chihuahua, Paris named this one Dolce. She is Prada’s daughter in the family of pets.

Baby Bear


Baby Bear aka the little dog-bear is a dog Paris Hilton adopted while in Japan. Seen mostly parading around in dog costumes, he can usually be found in Paris’ arms for an Instagram post.

Princess Annabelle

Royal Kitten | Adopted Jul 2009

Adopted into a family of dogs, Paris Hilton changed things around and adopted a cat from Laurel Pet Hospital in Santa Monica. Named Princess Annabelle, you can be sure the kitten is living a life of luxury while being looked after by a team of assistants. She is known by her intense sky blue eyes.

20 Bunnies

Bunnies | Adopted Sep 2010

Dedicated to building a proper zoo, Paris took to adopting not one, but twenty bunnies. Clearly a love of fluffy animals, Paris changed their fates by adopting the entire herd and bringing them to her Beverly Hills mansion.



After 14 years together, Tinkerbell passed away in early 2015. Tinkerbell is one of Paris Hilton’s earlier Chihuahuas. “My heart is broken,” she began the emoji-laden eulogy. “I am so sad & devastated. After 14 amazing years together my baby Tinkerbell has passed away of old age.”


Pomsky | Adopted Aug 2020

Slivington, a gift from Paris’ husband for their anniversary in August 2020, is a Husky and Pomeranian cross. Adorably cute, Slivington has big beautiful blue eyes. The pup is named after Paris’ catchphrase, ‘sliving’ which is a portmanteau of slaying and living.

Crypto Hilton & Ether Reum


Crypto and Ether are odes to Paris’ passion for NFT’s. They are adorable little balls of fluff — much cuter than any actual NFT, in our opinion.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

Paris Whitney Hilton is better known just as Paris Hilton. She’s known for donating to many charities as an animal rights advocate but she has also come under public scrutiny for posting a photo cuddling an orangutan named Dior. Paris Hilton is known for loving chihuahua’s and other small dogs. Paris is the heiress to the Hilton Group of Hotels but the heiress first found International fame when her sex tape was leaked non-consenually by her ex-boyfriend in 2003 (which, remember, is a literal crime called non-consensual pornography). Since then, she has appeared in many reality shows and even had one of her own, The Simple Life, in which she starred alongside her long-time friend Nicole Richie.

Paris Hilton Career

Paris Hilton was born February 17, 1981 and is an American businesswoman, socialite, personality, actress, DJ, model, singer, and author. Hilton has had a ton of projects, collaborations, and business ventures. She is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels.

Paris’ Pets

Paris is known to have a wide collection of animal companions including 20 bunnies to over 6 dogs at a time, pigs, cats, and donkeys. To accommodate her large family, : https://celebritypets.net/check-paris-hiltons-325k-dog-villa-beverly-hills/

“>Paris has built a Hilton quality kennel mansion in her backyard with a poolside view estimated at $325,000.

At the end of 2021, Paris Hilton has over 10 pets. It’s nearly impossible to know exactly which dogs and cats are housed up in the Hilton kennel mansion. As far as our experts can tell, the dogs are Diamond Baby, Marilyn Monroe, Harajuku Bitch, Slivington, Princess Paris Jr. and Prince Hilton, Prince Baby Bear, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan, and Crypto Hilton and Ether Reum. Unfortunately, after 14 years Tinkerbell passed away in 2015.

Some of these pups have been around for a long time, and some, like Slivington are newer additions. Slivington was a gift from Paris’ now husband who surprised her with a teacup Pomsky for their anniversary in August of 2020. The puppy is a Pomeranian mixed with Siberian Husky. The name Slivington comes from Paris’s catchphrase “sliving” which is a blend of slaying and living, so you know the pomsky is Paris’ own baby. Slivington was introduced in Paris’ Peacock series Paris in Love.

Crypto Hiiton and Ether Reum were introduced to the world on National Pet Day. “Their names are an ode to my passion and love for #NFTs,” Paris tweeted. Apparently, she’s been about Bitcoin since Bitcoin was under a thousand dollars.