Check Out Paris Hilton’s $325k Dog Villa in Beverly Hills

Paris Hilton’s luxury lifestyle has been part of pop culture for over 15 years now and you can bet her pets live lavishly as well. For proof don’t look further than the backyard of her Beverly Hills mansion. Here you’ll find an Italian-style villa just for her dogs. Modeled after her home, this lux dog house is two floors, 300 sq ft and costs $325,000. The median home price in Los Angeles County is around $600,000, with the median price per square foot at $390. This puts the price per square foot of this dog house at $833, making it more than twice as expensive per square foot than most L.A. homes.

The high price includes high-end interior design and custom furnishings with a balcony, bedroom, living room and central air. The interior was done by her personal designer Faye Resnick with details including a clay tile roof, copper gutters, custom moldings and a black crystal chandelier. It’s furnished with faux-designer items made for dogs with names like Chewy Vuitton, Pawda, Jimmy Chew and Sniffany & co. It even has closets stocked with doggy outfits… and if you don’t believe us check out her Instagram video below.

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