Nicolas Cage Once Owned a $150,000 Octopus Named Cool That Helped His Acting

Nicolas Cage has been known to make some pretty outrageous purchases throughout his career. Many of those purchases lead to his ultimate bankruptcy, and his rise back to stardom after taking every movie role available to bounce back. The list of purchases included everything from a collection of multimillion dollar mansions, a castle, several yachts, more than 50 cars, a jet, and an island.

Beyond real estate and common assets, Cage also had a collection of dinosaur skulls and exotic animals, including two king cobras, Moby and Sheba, priced at $276,000. Most unique of all, he owned a very unique octopus, that he named Cool, which was priced at $150,000 which helped him become a better actor. While we are unclear of how the octopus turned acting coach helped his career, it is probably more likely the excuse was used for tax write off purposes to expense the high-end purchase. There has been no report of the talented cephalopod since Cage filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and lost a majority of his assets.

Nicolas Cage's pet Octopus named Cool that he paid $150,000 for.
Nicolas Cage - Dinosaur Skull
Nicolas Cage -pet Cobra snakes - Moby and Sheba
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