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Patrick Stewart finds home for foster pitbull, starts rescue dog fundraiser

Last time we wrote about the amazing Sir Patrick Stewart, he had taken in a lovely foster pitbull named Ginger when he was promoting the film Logan with Hugh Jackman. His wife Sunny Ozell and him fell in love with Ginger right away. He said after not owning a dog in 50 years, Ginger really changed his outlook on dogs and life. He has plans to move back to his native England, but he discovered the unfair regulations against pit bulls in the U.K.

An update on Ginger Gurl from Sunny and me at the link in bio…

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This combined with the fact that Ginger was a rescued fight dog, led to him campaigning for National Dog Fighting Awareness Day. While sad he couldn’t take Ginger with him, he would be sure to find her a happy furever home. He then found out Ginger had hidden injuries from her rough start at life and decided to look after her until she recovered.


Dan tambourine of Crossroads Pet Resort helped Ginger with her surgery and rehabilitation. And after several months together, Dan couldn’t let her go. Now Ginger is living with Dan, four other rescue dogs and a large senior cat. She enjoys going for jobs, swimming in Dan’s pool and joining him for work helping other animals.

To honour Ginger and support dogs in need and the kind humans that help them, Stewart is raising $20,000 for the Wags and Walks shelter which saved Ginger. This amount will save 30 dogs, getting them and their foster humans everything they need for a great start in life. In just one day, he already raised over $14,000. With two weeks still left, he’s sure to help out a ton of dogs in need! Check out his fundraiser on Facebook.

The experience of fostering a rescue pit bull has left a lingering joy in my life that I believe is here to stay. I'm excited to share that Ginger has found a forever home, and I'm raising funds today in her honour to help @wagsandwalks save thirty other dogs. More information at the link in bio. We fell in love with our Ginger gurl almost immediately, and Sunny and I suddenly had every intention of keeping her. We were more than ready to live proudly as "foster fails". But once we learned about the draconian breed specific legislation in the UK, we decided her quality of life would be better served by her remaining in America. We began to look for a forever home for Ginger, but discovered she had injuries that required surgery and rehabilitation. We decided to hold off on her adoption until she was healthy. With the help of the @ASPCA, we found a qualified animal professional named Dan Tambourine of Crossroads Pet Resort to see Ginger through the process of repairing her anterior cruciate ligament. We kept in touch with Dan, monitoring her progress, and were thrilled a few months back to learn that the surgery was a complete success. When we shared this wonderful news, Wags and Walks received a wave of amazing applications hoping to adopt Ginger. Sunny reached out to Dan to discuss which forever home seemed the best fit for Ginger, but were delighted to hear that Dan could simply not let Ginger go—he’d fallen in love with her, just as we had. Sunny and I could not be happier to share the news that Ginger is home, forever, with a family that cherishes her as much as we do. Ginger has a playful pack of four fellow rescue doggies, and a big senior kitty. She “goes to work” with Dan, enjoys her evening jogs, and continues her rehab doing laps in her pool. Sunny and I will always love our Ginger gurl, and we have Wags and Walks to thank for bringing her pibble heart into our lives. Organizations like Wags and Walks are so important—they’re deeply committed and local, working directly with shelters to save dogs and find them responsible and loving forever homes. See more at the #LinkInBio. #GivingTuesday

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