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Matilda the Alien Cat who lost her eyes only to find the greatness in people around her

Rescued from a filthy hoarder’s house in a small Canadian town, this little cat’s family had no idea she was destined for greatness. She was only 12 weeks old when they adopted her, and it was love at first site. She quickly took over running the household by declaring dominance over her dog subordinate and human slaves.


Matilda was living a happy, worry free life when disaster hit. One of her pupils periodically began to dilate to an unnatural size. The problem persisted and her worried humans shuttled her between vets, desperately looking for a solution.


Eventually, Matilda’s humans got ahold of the rescue society they had adopted her from and discovered her litter mates were having similar problems. One of the lenses in Matilda’s eyes had spontaneously detached, and her eyes began to swell however, she did not appear to be in discomfort or pain. The vet recommended monitoring her eyes instead of performing invasive surgery.


So, Matilda’s eyes continued to enlarge. She took on the characteristics of the cutest alien you’ve ever seen. Her photo’s look like a Disney movies depiction of an extraterrestrial. Her Instagram account gives Lil Bub, also a self proclaimed alien cat-creature, a run for her money.


She looked like Puss n’ Boots from Mars. Unfortunately, the day came where Matilda’s eyes needed to be removed. Don’t worry, there was no melon-baller-Johnny Depp-in-Blow scene; the surgery was a success and the little kitty is fully on the mend.


Like any self respecting Instagram star, Matilda has a merch line where you can get her bulbous eyes plastered across mugs and t-shirts. She advocates through the galaxy for Paws for Hope (a BC specific humane society) and The Canadian Federation for Humane Societies, donating any extra funds she has to the cause.