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Does Josh Hart Have Any Pets?

Nova and Apollo (Dog)

Breed: Rottweiler | Adopted Dec 2019

Josh Hart has a Rottweiler named Apollo that he got for Christmas in 2019. He also had an older Rottweiler named Nova, who sadly passed away in May 2022 at 8 years old. Hart also started an Instagram account @jhartrotties when he got Apollo, but hasn’t updated it since March 2020.

Josh Hart

Josh Hart Pets


March 6, 1995 (29)

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Josh Hart, an American professional basketball player, is primarily known for his role as a shooting guard for the New York Knicks. Hart’s professional career in the NBA began when he was drafted by the Utah Jazz in the 2017 NBA Draft and was subsequently traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. During his tenure with the Lakers, Hart established himself as a reliable player off the bench, impressing with his hustle and shooting ability. He later joined the New Orleans Pelicans, where his role expanded, showcasing his ability to be a consistent starter. Hart’s gameplay is best known for its intensity, particularly in rebounding and defense, making him a valuable asset to his teams.

Collaboration and teamwork are at the heart of Hart’s career. He has played alongside notable NBA figures like LeBron James, Brandon Ingram, and Lonzo Ball, learning and contributing in high-pressure environments. His time with these teammates has been instrumental in his development, blending his individual skills with the team’s overall strategy.