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Doja Cat's Pets

Does Doja Cat Have Any Pets?

Doja Cat has three cats, a black cat named Alex, a Oriental Shorthair named Ray, and a Lykoi named Frodo.

Ray (Cat)

Breed: Oriental shorthair

Doja Cat has an Oriental shorthair cat named Ray.

Alex (Cat)

Breed: Black

Doja Cat has a black cat named Alex.

Froderick "Frodo" Frankenstein (Cat)

Breed: Lykoi | Adopted Jun 2023

In June 2023, Doja Cat got a new cat named Froderick “Frodo” Frankenstein, or just Frodo for short. Frodo, seen here in a cute striped sweater, is from the Lykoi breed. Due to their distinct appearance, Lykoi cats are also known as “werewolf” cats or “wolf” cats. While they may look a lil’ creepy, Lykoi cats are said to be a friendly and loving breed.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat Pets


October 21, 1995 (28)

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Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini aka Doja Cat is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she began making and releasing music on SoundCloud as a teenager. Her song “So High” caught the attention of Kemosabe and RCA Records, with which she signed a joint record deal at the age of 17, subsequently releasing her debut EP Purrr! in 2014.

Doja Cat & Animal Rights

In 2020, she collaborated with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) on a campaign urging people to adopt animals from shelters rather than buying from pet stores or breeders. She also participated in a virtual benefit concert for the Best Friends Animal Society, which works to save the lives of homeless pets. Doja Cat has been involved in various initiatives to raise awareness about animal cruelty and the importance of spaying and neutering pets.

Doja Cat Age & Birthplace

Doja Cat was born on October 21, 1995 in Tarzana, Los Angeles, California, United States.

Doja Cat Songs & Collaborations

Doja Cat reached International success as an internet meme with her 2018 single “Mooo!”. Following the popularity, she released her second debut album Hot Pink (2019) which reached the top 10 of the US Billboard 200. The multi-talented singer, rapper and producer also worked with some very notable artists including Tyga, Nicki Minaj, and The Weeknd to producing hit after hit.

Doja Cat and Tyga – Juicy: The song was released with her debut studio album Amala (2019). Tyga joined Doja Cat for her second studio album Hot Pink (2019) for a remixed version of this song. Listen to the Song.

Doja Cat & Gucci Mane – Like That: The song was originally written by both artists Doja Cat and Gucci Mane. The song was originally released with her second album Hot Pink (2019) and later became a single on May 12, 2020 following a viral TikTok challenge featuring the song. The single release praked at number 50 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Listen to the Song.

Doja Cat & Nicki Minaj – Say So: The song was released as part of the studio album Hot Pink (2019). A solo version of the song initially peaked at number four on the US Billboard Hot 100. Later, two remixes featuring Nicki Minaj propelled the song to number one. This track led to the Guinness World Record for the first song with a female rap duo to top the Hot 100. Listen to the Song.

Doja Cat & Ariana Grande – I Don’t Do Drugs: The collaboration was released as part of Doja Cat’s third studio album Planet Her(2021). Performed by Doja Cat and Ariana Grande with background vocals by Victoria Monét, the song is the third collaboration between the artists after “Motive” and the remix of “34+35”. Listen to the Song.