Millie Bobby Brown Reveals She Has 9 Rescues and is Fostering 23 Dogs

Millie Bobby Brown just sat down on a big comfy couch with Drew Barrymore for an interview. But most importantly, Barrymore’s senior rescue dog, Douglas, joined them – Which led to a chat about being dog moms… With Millie revealing she had nine rescue dogs and is currently fostering 23!

Millie Bobby Brown Reveals She Has 9 Dogs and Is Fostering 23 Rescues
Credit: Millie Bobby Brown/The Drew Barrymore Show

In the clip below, they start with the good stuff and chat about their dogs. Barrymore shared she sadly said goodbye to her rescue Lucy. Her dog Douglas was also grieving, as Lucy was his girlfriend. But Barrymore noted that one of her rescue cats, Lucky, took the initiative to comfort Douglas (even though they didn’t get along too well previously). Millie, who just turned 20 last month, said she moved out of her parent’s place after they wouldn’t let her adopt any more dogs or other animals. But she’s best friends with her parents and ended up buying the house next door.

Millie Bobby Brown is fostering 23 dogs at her home with rescue organization “Joey’s Friends”

Millie then admitted she’s currently fostering an incredible 23 dogs! But thanks to the size of her property in Atlanta, she’s able to have a huge pack of furry friends around. On top of her own dogs, she also has cats, bunnies, goats, a donkey, and a pony (yes, all rescues). You can catch some of her farm animal family in the Instagram video below.

Millie founded a rescue organization named Joey’s Friends with Millie often sharing their adoptable pups and appearing in their videos to help promote them. But Millie has never shared much about the organization itself…

Judging by the fact that she’s currently fostering 23 at home and by some of the backgrounds of photos with her and Joey’s Friends foster dogs – We’re going to guess she actually personally runs her rescue organization out of her own backyard. On top of the fact she doesn’t brag about it, it’s just incredible how much time, effort, love, and even her personal space, she pours into helping rescue dogs.

How many rescue dogs does Millie Bobby Brown actually have?

In the Drew Barrymore Show video, Millie says, “So right now I’m at like nine dogs.” Then, in the GQ video below, she lists her dogs’ names: Barbie, Max, Marley, Agnes, Jimmy, Tootsie, Dorothy, and Scarlet. When you include Winnie, it equals nine. She also mentions Winnie, “rules all over them, like all of them listen to her because she emits power.”

[Clip starts when she lists her dog’s names]

But there are two dogs that she adopted, including photos, that weren’t mentioned in the list. First up is Pepperoni, who Lisa Vanderpump’s Vanderpump Dogs Foundation posted that Millie had adopted her in March 2023. Millie’s Joey’s Friends rescue often works with other rescues to help find furever homes, including the Vanderpump Dog Foundation and The Humane Society. For example, she made headlines for fostering a Frenchie named Jabba back in January. So she might have actually just fostered Pepperoni and found her a new home or she could have potentially kept and renamed her.

Millie also has (or had) a black Cavapoo named Luna whose name she didn’t mention. She showed off on Instagram in 2020, seen here together with Winnie, but hasn’t posted about her since. But the lack of recent photo evidence is fine as she rarely post her dogs other than her therapy dog Winnie, who travels with her everywhere (with Winnie recently making a surprise appearance on The Tonight Show). Millie has also mentioned she does fly her other rescues with her if she’ll be away from home for an extended time.

Millie Bobby Brown with dogs Winnie and Luna
Credit: Millie Bobby Brown/Instagram

But Millie confirmed she still had a dog named Luna in November 2022 in the clip below.

[Clip starts when Millie mentions her dog Luna]

So while fans of Mills were blessed with this bevy of doggy info, there are still some mysteries surrounding her dog pack and her pets in general. Make sure to check out all her fur babies in our Millie Bobby Brown celebrity pet profile.

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