Millie Bobby Brown’s Rescue Poodle, Winnie, Steals the Show on ‘The Tonight Show’

The curtain on stage opens. A star steps out to cheers and applause. She confidently strolls right up to greet the audience with fans reaching out to touch her. Then she takes a seat, sitting tall and proud, to start her interview. No we’re not talking about Stranger Things and Damsel star, Millie Bobby Brown – It’s Winnie the Poodle, her rescued therapy dog!

Millie Bobby Brown’s Rescue Poodle, Winnie, Steals the Show on ‘The Tonight Show'
Credit: The Tonight Show/YouTube

Millie sat down with Jimmy Fallon to discuss her new Netflix movie, Damsel, and her surprise engagement to Jake Bongiovi

Millie Bobby Brown's dog Winnie on The Tonight Show couch
Credit: The Tonight Show/YouTube

But we’re here to recap the highlight of the interview: Winnie! The rescue poodle is Millie’s therapy dog, but also works as a model alongside her. This was clear to see, as Winnie was calm and cool despite the crowd, noise, and bright lights. Millie even pointed out that Winnie knows to look at the camera.

Fallon asked if Winnie could tell when Millie was acting, and she said, “She knows when I’m acting, and she knows when I’m actually really upset. She knows when I’m fake crying.” But she said Winnie did freak out once, during a realistic stunt that Millie performed herself for Damsel. Millie told the story, “So, I actually, on Damsel, did a huge stunt. I had to jump from one cave to another, and I did the stunt, and she has never made a cry, a yelp — She knows when I’m acting. But this stunt was so realistic that she cried out to me because she thought I was actually going to die. And I remember just looking at her and being like, ‘It’s okay, baby.'”

Make sure to catch the whole interview below:

And in case you missed this cuteness: Millie Bobby Brown is fostering a French Bulldog named Jabba.

Millie Bobby Brown Adopts a French Bulldog Named Jabba
Credit: Humane Society Naples/Joey’s Friends
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