The Fido Awards 2024: The Oscars for Canine Actors

With no shortage of awards for human celebrities, we’re finally seeing more recognition for celebrity pets, thanks to The Fido Awards! Billed as “The Oscars for dogs,” The Fido Awards covers canine actors for their film acting roles over the year. This includes Best in World, Blockbuster Bowser, Historical Hound, Rom Com Rover, Mutt Moment, and Comedy Canine. The Fido Awards are also brought to you by the same team behind the Palm Dog Awards, which runs along side the Cannes Film Festival.

Blockbuster Bowser

WINNER – Gary as Max the Old English Sheepdog, The Little Mermaid

Among the big blockbuster movies of the last year, the live-action version of the iconic Max the Old English Sheepdog from The Little Mermaid won. Max was portrayed by Gary, acting alongside Jonah Hauer King. And note Gary isn’t a Sheepdog – He’s actually a unique Australian Labradoodle with a slate merle phantom coat. His ability to convince audiences that he was a Sheepdog is just another testament to his acting chops!

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Max the dog from The Little Mermaid Movie
Credit: The Little Mermaid/Disney

RUNNER-UP – Cosmo the Spacedog, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

A runner-up was Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3’s Cosmo the Spacedog, who is voiced by Maria Bakalova. While CGI in the movie, Cosmo has two Canine reference actors named Fred and Slate.

Cosmo the Spacedog and Maria Bakalova from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3
Credit: @mariabakalovaofficial/Instagram

RUNNER-UP – Rumble as Twizzle, Wonka

In the Timothée Chalamet-led Wonka reboot, there’s a Bullmastiff named Twizzle. Twizzle is played by 10-year-old canine actor Rumble, who retired after the film wrapped.

Rumble who plays Twizzle the dog in Wonka movie
Credit: Jayne Roberts

Historical Hound

WINNER – Josephine’s dog Fortune, Napoleon

In the historical films category, a Pomeranian won for her role as Fortune. Fortune is the dog of Napoleon’s wife Josephine (played by Vanessa Kirby). In real life, Fortune was actually a pug.

Napoleon movie Josephine's dog named Fortune
Credit: Napoleon/Columbia Pictures

RUNNER-UP – Chewy as Honey, Priscilla

In Priscilla, canine actor Chewy plays the role of Honey the mini Poodle, with Cailee Spaeny as the titular lead. Honey is considered by many to be the most iconic dog of the real Priscilla Presley. Only one year old at the time of filming, this was actually Chewy’s first role! Chewy was trained by Melissa Millett of the Ultimutts.

Dog actor Chewy as Honey the poodle in Priscilla movie
Credit: Priscilla/A24

RUNNER-UP – Dedwig Höss’ dog Dilla, The Zone of Interest

In The Zone of Interest, Sandra Hüller’s dog in the movie is played by her real-life dog! Hüller has said her dog wants their privacy, so she hasn’t shared the Weimaraner’s name or any other details.

Sandra Huller Weimaraner dog Dilla from Zone of Interest movie
Credit: The Zone of Interest/A24

Rom Com Rover

WINNER – Sugar the Westie, Barbie

For the Rom Com category, the winner has a plastic coat instead of a traditional fur coat. Sugar is the pet of Sugar’s Daddy (portrayed by Rob Brydon) in Barbie.

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Sugar's Daddy terrier dog from Barbie movie
Credit: Barbie/Warner Bros.

RUNNER-UP – Park Dogs, Rye Lane

This rambunctious canine trio from Rye Lane got a Fido Awards nod.

Rye Lane park dogs
Credit: Rye Lane/Searchlight Pictures

RUNNER-UP – Lola as Marra the Mongrel, The Old Oak

Canine actor Lola portrayed Marra the Mongrel in The Old Oak.

The Old Oak dog Lola
Credit: The Old Oak/Le Pacte

Comedy Canine

WINNER – Poodle, Poor Things

The funniest fido of the year was the black Standard Poodle from Poor Things, starring Emma Stone. Sorry we don’t have a photo of the Poodle, so here’s a screenshot of a couple of the “Frankenstein” pets in the movie.

Frankenstein hybrid pet animals from the Poor Things Movie
Credit: Poor Things/Searchlight Pictures

RUNNER-UP -Macho as Pippin the Yorkie, Meg 2: The Trench

In Meg 2: The Trench, Pippin the Yorkie triumphantly returns after becoming a fan favorite in the original Meg. Pippin is played by a Yorkie named Macho. In the original Meg, Pippin was played by a pup named Kelly.

Pippin the dog from Meg movies
Credit: Meg 2: The Trench/Warner Bros.

RUNNER-UP – Sophie as Reggie the Border Terrier, Strays

In the canine comedy Strays, Sophie plays the role of Reggie the Border Terrier. Reggie is also voiced by Will Ferrell.

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Strays Movie Meet the Dogs and the Pets of the Cast
Credit: Strays/Universal Pictures

Mutt Moment

WINNER – Messi as Snoop, Anatomy of a Fall

Acclaimed canine actor Messi won for his incredible “play dead” skills in Anatomy of a Fall with Sandra Hüller.

Messi playing Snoop the dog from Anatomy of a Fall movie
Credit: Anatomy of a Fall/Le Pacte

RUNNER-UP – Tilda Swinton’s Springer Spaniel, The Eternal Daughter

In The Eternal Daughter, Tilda Swinton’s own Springer Spaniel plays the role of her dog. Swinton actually has four Springer Spaniels who are all actors.

The Eternal Daughter Tilda Swinton springer spaniel dog
Credit: The Eternal Daughter/A24

RUNNER-UP – Lola as Marra the Mongrel, The Old Oak

Lola got a second nomination for her work on The Old Oak.

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Dog Actor Messi Steals the Show at the Academy Awards
Credit: The Academy
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