“Strays” Movie: Meet the Pets of the Cast!

Of course, the team at Celebrity Pets loves all pet-related movies. With the infinite number of remakes and reboots these days, we wonder why they don’t just make dog versions of every fan-favorite film and make a billion dollars (Doggy Potter and the Sorcerer’s Bone, anyone?). But pet lovers have a treat hitting theaters in August 2023: An original pet-centric movie with Strays, a comedy about a pack of crass canines voiced by a cast of beloved comedic actors! Let’s take a look at both the human cast and their IRL pets, along with the doggos that appear in the film. And if we didn’t include an actor below, they sadly have no pets at home.

Will Ferrell as Reggie the Border Terrier

Will Ferrell voices Reggie the Border Terrier. Reggie is played by canine actor Sophie, along with a stand-in named Boy.

Will Farrell’s pet cockatoo Professor Feathers

Will Ferrell claims to have a cockatoo named Professor Feathers… Just don’t ask Farrell about him.

Jamie Foxx as Bug the Boston Terrier

Jamie Foxx costars as the voice of Bug the Boston Terrier. Bunny is the name of the dog who plays Bug, with a dog named Fly as the stand-in.

Jamie Foxx’s four dogs

Jamie Foxx is a proud dog dad IRL. He has two huge Cane Corsos named King and Kong. And two tiny Frenchies named Apollo and Hercules. He got them all to pose for a fur family portrait on Instagram in January 2023 (seen below).

Jamie Foxx's four dogs
Credit: @iamjamiefoxx, Instagram, January 2023

Isla Fisher as Maggie the Australian Shepherd

Isla Fisher voices Maggie, who is portrayed by canine actor Elsa and stand-in Riley.

Isla Fisher Strays movie Australian Shepherd named Maggie
Credit: Stray Movie

Isla Fisher’s dog Maisy

IRL, Isla Fisher and her husband Sacha Baron Cohen have an Old English Sheepdog named Maisy they got in the summer of 2020.

Isla Fisher Sacha Baron Cohen Dog Maisy
Credit: @islafisher/Instagram

Randall Park as Hunter the Great Dane

Randall Park voices the cone-prone Great Dane called Hunter. Hunter is played by a canine actor named Dalin. And Park doesn’t have any pets at home.

Randall Park Strays movie Great Dane named Hunter
Credit: Strays Movie

Will Forte’s two rescue dogs

Will Forte plays Doug, the jerk human who abandons Reggie. But in real life, Forte is the complete opposite and loves his two rescue dogs named Mudbutt and Ross. (Fun fact, Ross got his name from Forte’s wife finding him in the parking lot of a Ross Dress for Less store)

Will Forte dogs
Credit Good Housekeeping/YouTube

Josh Gad’s rescue dog Didi

Josh Gad adopted a lil’ pup name Didi.

Josh Gad rescue dog Didi
Credit: @joshgad/Instagram

Brett Gelman’s two dogs

Brett Gelman has two dogs: A white lab named Toni and a scruffy terrier-looking thing named Janet.

Brett Gelman dogs
Credit: @bretgelman/Instagram

Jamie Demetriou’s cat

Jamie Demetriou either has a big ginger beard or a big ginger cat.

Jamie Demetriou cat
Credit: @jamiedemetriou/Instagram

Sofia Vergara’s (former) dog

Sofia Vergara had a Chihuahua named Bubbles that she got in 2013. But over the years, Bubbles became much more of a fan of her husband Joe Manganiello. When the couple split in August 2023, they mutually decided that Bubbles should live with Manganiello.

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello Chihuahua Dog Bubbles
Credit: @sofiavergara

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