Dog Actor Messi Steals the Show at the 2024 Academy Awards

Canine actor Messi, best known for his Palm Dog Award-winning role as “Snoop” in Anatomy of a Fall, has been the biggest star in the world of celebrity pets since the film’s release. After he jet-setted from his home in France to attend the Oscars luncheon last month (where he also stole the show) – Then to fans’ dismay, it was rumored he was not invited to the Oscars… But then just before the show started, Jimmy Kimmel posted a video with Messi helping him rehearse jokes before he took the stage as host.

Jimmy Kimmel Rehearses Oscars Jokes With Messi, the Dog From ‘Anatomy of a Fall’ and Has a Ruff Time
Credit: Jimmy Kimmel/Instagram

Then to the delight of everyone watching the Oscars, Mr. Messi made an appearance!

(And especially to the delight of Ryan Gosling)

Judging by the wave of articles and social media posts about Messi’s surprise appearance, he clearly stole the whole show. Many fans commented that Messi not only made watching worthwhile to them, but they also ripped on how studio publicists apparently didn’t want Messi attending and getting all the attention.

The Academy did give Messi an informal “Bestest Boi” award though.

NEON shared a few exclusive pics of Messi you can enjoy below.

Then the Oscars concluded with Messi helping Kimmel take a shot at Matt Damon to continue their eternal feud.

Are you still wondering about Messi’s clapping? Yes, it was a bit of Hollywood magic with Messi’s incredible acting chops:

Here’s Messi showing how to “play dead” but at an Oscar-worthy level.

You can follow Messi on Instagram at @lauraandmessi.

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Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, and Emma Stone and other celebrities Meet Messi, Canine Actor From ‘Anatomy of a Fall'
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