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Keith Jardine's Pets

Does Keith Jardine Have Any Pets?

Darryl (Dog)

Keith Jardine has a dog named Darryl.

Duke (Dog)

Keith Jardine also has a dog named Duke.

Keith Jardine

Keith Jardine Pets


October 31, 1975 (48)

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Keith Jardine is an American actor and retired mixed martial artist, formerly competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Light Heavyweight division. He is noted for defeating former UFC champions such as Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin. After retiring from professional fighting, Jardine transitioned to acting, appearing in films and television series. His acting career includes roles in the television series “Breaking Bad” and films such as “Crank: High Voltage” and “Gamer.”

Throughout his acting career, Jardine has collaborated with actors Jason Statham in “Crank: High Voltage,” Gerard Butler in “Gamer,” and other notable figures such as Mickey Rourke, Danny Trejo, and directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.