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Does Vinny Mauro Have Any Pets?

Vinny Mauro's pet No Pets (Vinny Mauro)

No Pets (Vinny Mauro)

Vinny Mauro does not have any reported pets although he has mentioned his affection for dogs on many occasions, particularly chocolate labs. We’re sure it’s a matter of time before he adopts his own.

Vinny Mauro

Vinny Mauro Pets


November 22, 1993 (30)

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Vinny Mauro is an American musician. He is known for his eccentric black-necked stage appearance with Motionless in White, which has taken place since 2014. He joined the band only 9 years ago after it was launched back in 2005 and replaced their previous drummer who left to pursue other endeavors outside of music . Motionless in White consists of Chris “Motionless” Cerulli (lead vocals), Ryan Sitkowski (lead guitar), Ricky “Horror” Olson (rhythm guitar), Vinny Mauro (drums), and Justin Morrow (bass).