Meet King Linus and the Chinpals Chinchilla Influencer Crew

The Chinpals, aka the Chinfluencers, are a Chinchilla crew made up of Linus, Chip, Knox, Henry, and Finn. Oh, and that’s King Linus to you.

And meet the whole crew below:

Then in July, Finn joined the crew. Finn’s original human is a big fan of the Chinpals and happened to also live in Ohio. Finn’s human unfortunately needed to rehome Finn, and after discussing with the Chinpals’ human, Finn was adopted!

The Chinpals went viral last summer for their chinchilla reboot of Stranger Things.

They’ve also had a few hit covers, including Carrie Underwood.

And they documented a workday of Henry’s to Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5”.

The crew loves to dress up and party.

@chinpals Happy Cinco De Mayo! who was the best?! #PetsOfTiktok #fyp #cincodemayo ♬ Tequila – The Hitters

FYI Linus loves to cook.

When they’re done having fun, they totally don’t have a problem cleaning up after themselves.

@chinpals The offended stance when i suggested chewing it later #Linus ♬ original sound – Chinpals

They also just released their summer blockbuster with a reboot of Steven Spielberg’s classic JAWS.

For more chinchilla cuteness, follow @chinpals on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

@chinpals If you think he kiled it, gotta go buy a pack #fyp #Linus #tiktokshop #stickers ♬ Original sound – Dadood

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