Donald Trump – First president without a dog in over 100 years, SAD!

Did you know Donald Trump will be one of the very few presidents that has no dog or even any pets? SAD! Sure he has no military or political experience, but can you imagine the leader of the free world without a faithful dog by his side?

Donald Trump and a Beagle

Almost all US presidents have had dogs in the White House and the dog-owning streak has lasted since Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909). Teddy didn’t just have dogs, he had a pet pig, snake, badger, bears and more wacky animals. John Quincy Adams kept a gator in a tub in the East Room. Calvin Coolidge owned a pygmy hippopotamus and William Howard Taft had a cow called Mooly Wooly. Clintons had Socks. And if a president didn’t have a dog, they at least had a cat or a horse or something.

His ex-wife Ivana Trump said in her 2017 memoir Raising Trump “Donald was not a dog fan.”

Most recently, Obama held it down with two Portuguese water dogs named Bo and Sunny, who have become celebrities themselves over the years. The hottest rumor is we may see a golden doodle in the White House this year… Which dog or pet do you think President Trump should get to help lead our country? (I checked and orange retriever isn’t a real breed)

Donald Trump with "Hickory Best in Show" - 2011
(c) Donald Trump with “Hickory Best in Show” – 2011
President Obama and family with Bo and Sunny
President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and daughters Malia and Sasha pose for a family portrait with Bo and Sunny
Bill Clinton with Buddy
Bill Clinton with Buddy
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