Lost Cat Goes on a 2,000 Mile, 4-year Mystery Trip from California to Canada

Lost Cat Goes on a 2,000 Mile, 4-year Mystery Trip from California to Canada

BooBoo the cat’s story started in 2013 when she was found by Ashley Aleman. Only a few months old, BooBoo was a stray that was lucky to be found by Ashley and her sister. Their parents had said they couldn’t get a cat and they already had a pit bull, so the sisters hid BooBoo for a week. But once she was revealed to her parents and they saw how sweet she was and how well she got along with their pit bull, they were allowed to keep her. She played so much with their pit bull that she once injured her head. The family thought she might not survive, but she recovered fully, other than having a slight tilt to her head.

BooBoo the cat’s story

Then one day she disappeared. Ashley said she would often get into their car or friends’ cars, meowing for them not to leave. So she thought that maybe BooBoo had stowed away in a car, always believing she was still alive.

BooBoo the cat’s and her pit bull friend

Now four years has gone by, when a Humane Society in Ontario, Canada that’s over 2,000 miles away, gets in touch with Ashley. BooBoo was microchipped and they were able to trace her back to her family. The car was in good health and wasn’t injured, so they thought she must have hitched a ride to cover that distance. But her journey was still a mystery.

BooBoo the lost cat

Now that this story has made headlines, the mystery looks like it’s been solved. A women named Corie in Ontario saw BooBoo on the news and recognized her head tilt right away. So she contacted the Humane Society and let them know her side of the story. She had rented her house out to a couple who drove a food truck from California to Ontario. The couple stayed a few months, but then vanished, leaving lots of their stuff and also a cat. Corie thinks BooBoo either stowed away on their food truck or the couple thought she was a stray and took her along.

BooBoo the lost cat from the Humane Society

Now BooBoo is set to be reunited with Ashley and her family after four long years! For another heartwarming kitty story, check out this blind stray cat who was healed, revealing his amazing eyes.

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