Matt Damon Says His Rescued Jungle Cat Is Jacked Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Matt Damon was just interviewed by Stephen Colbert and the highlight was his story about his rescue cat, who has lived a life worth turning into a movie. Sadly, he didn’t share a photo or mention his name. But let’s assume it’s Ben Catfleck.

Matt Damon tells the story of adopting a cat from Costa Rica
Credit: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/Facebook

A decade ago, Damon’s family stayed in an Airbnb in Costa Rica for a month. There they met a kitten living in the jungle surrounding his rental and would visit them regularly. Damon said, “He was living by himself in the jungle. He was the coolest cat. He was hunting. He had two giant holes in his side. He was fighting for his life every night.” He fell in love and didn’t think the cat could survive much longer in the jungle all alone, so he adopted and took him home to California!

Matt Damon's rescued jungle cat from Costa Rica
The sequel when his cat returns to the jungle for payback

Damon went on to say, “We decided we gotta take the cat, he’s gonna die, now he’s relying on us. He moves into our house, we have this little backyard, I thought yeah, he’ll be great out there.. Then he laughed, “He never went outside. Ever again.” Then his cat faced a new challenge after they moved to New York, where a cat neurologist found he had a tumor. Damon wasn’t ready to give up on this tough kitty, so he underwent radiation and steroid treatments. That was two years ago, and the senior kitty is still going strong. And then Damon ended with, “Now he’s jacked, and I joke that he’s like Arnold Schwarzenegger… He’s got muscles on muscles. You know what I mean? He looks great!” Now we just have to wait for the Predator-inspired movie adaptation of his life story.

And in case you missed it at the Oscars, Matt Damon’s “Walk of Fame” star was peed on thanks to Jimmy Kimmel and canine actor Messi.

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