Kate Beckinsale Shares Tearful Hospital Visit From Her Pets

Kate Beckinsale posted an Instagram of her mom, Judy Loe, in tribute to Mother’s Day (Don’t panic if you’re in The States – It’s only Mother’s Day in England). The post also revealed she’s currently staying in a hospital but hasn’t disclosed why…

Kate Beckinsale Instagram photo in hospital
Credit: Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Her post had some joyful moments of her mom, along with some teary-eyed photos of herself. It also included lovely appearances of both Kate and her mom’s pets.

We can see below that her mom Judy has a fuzzy pomeranian and a golden retriever, who are both saying hello to Kate’s pom.

Kate Beckinsale's mom Judy Low's dogs
Credit: Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

And mom was also kind enough to bring Kate’s fur babies to cheer her up!

Kate Beckinsale dog MYF hospital visit
Credit: Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Her pomeranian named Myf smiled for the camera in her Instagram Stories.

Kate Beckinsale cat Willow hospital visit
Credit: Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

And her Persian cat Willow joined in on a snuggle and a nap. We home Kate gets well soon, as she’s gone through a lot in the last year. In January, her stepfather, Roy Battersby, passed away. And her iconic kitty, Clive, passed away last June.

Kate Beckinsale Mourns the Loss of Clive, Her Beloved Persian Cat
Credit: Kate Beckinsale/Instagram
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