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Ray (Dog)

Paul Anderson has a dog named Ray.

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November 19, 1978 (45)

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Paul Anderson is a British actor, writer, and director. Anderson’s breakout role as Arthur Shelby in the hit BBC series “Peaky Blinders” earned him critical acclaim and a legion of fans. The show, which is set in post-World War I Birmingham, follows the story of the Shelby crime family as they navigate the dangerous underworld of gangsters and violence. Anderson also played Colonel Sebastian Moran in the blockbuster film “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.” The movie, which starred Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, followed the iconic detective and his sidekick as they worked to solve a series of interconnected mysteries. Since then, Anderson has appeared in many major films, including Ron Howard‘s In the Heart of the Sea and The Revenant, as well as Brimstone, which was released in 2016.

Anderson has also worked as a writer and director, with several projects to his name. He wrote and directed the acclaimed short film “Come to Daddy,” which starred Elijah Wood and premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019. Anderson also wrote and directed the feature film “The Nights Before Christmas,” which tells the story of a group of teenagers who find themselves in a terrifying situation on Christmas Eve.

Anderson has collaborated with several notable directors including Guy Ritchie and Edgar Wright, and has appeared in films alongside actors such as Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Idris Elba.