GoalKitty Waves Her Hands in the Air Like She Just Doesn’t Care

Keys, better known as GoalKitty, has been an icon in the pet meme scene for years but has yet to be featured on Celebrity Pets. GoalKitty’s human, Peter Mares from California, noticed the tuxedo cat would occasionally stand up to stretch. After managing to catch a photo of the big stretch, he decided to give her coconut oil as a treat for doing it again. (with coconut oil being the only treat-ish thing nearby at the time)

GoalKitty standing in front of a mirror

GoalKitty soon learned to associate the treat with the camera and stretching. Then she would do it whenever her human pulled out the camera.

GoalKitty seeing an impressive goal on TV

When the cute photos of Keys went viral, they quickly became a meme. With Keys looking like she was stopping a goal in soccer, she soon was known as “GoalKitty”.

GoalKitty stopping a soccer goal

Then tons of different memes (and sports) were being combined with GoalKitty. Such as riding a rollercoaster despite clearly being under the height requirement.

GoalKitty on a rollercoaster

She also gave pro football a go.

GoalKitty playing football

And even had success as a boxer.

GoalKitty winning a boxing match

While she’s been successful at sports, she didn’t forget the importance of an education.

GoalKitty in school

GoalKitty’s fame has also seen her appear alongside celebs such as Leonardo DiCaprio.

GoalKitty with Leonardo Dicaprio

GoalKitty has also parodied pop culture moments, such as John Cusack in his iconic scene in the 1989 movie Say Anything.

GoalKitty impersonating John Cuscak in Say Anything

And in case you’re wondering if GoalKitty has any help doing her iconic wave, see the video below for proof.

You can follow @goalkitty on Instagram and Facebook. And for another special standing kitty, meet Gatoelho the Cat Bunny.

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