Supermodel Cara Delevingne’s Cats Saved From Devastating Mansion Fire That She Thought Had Killed Them

For Cara Delevingne, having your Architectural Digest-featured $7 million L.A. mansion destroyed by a fire is devastating, but what made it far more tragic was her two Persian cats were home at the time. The English supermodel is currently in London, where she was notified her house caught fire for a yet unknown reason…

Cara Delevingne instagram story of her Los Angeles mansion on fire
Credit: @caradelevingne/Instagram

With no news of her two cats inside, Delevingne feared the worst and that they died in the fire…

Cara Delevingne though her cats died in fire
Credit: @caradelevingne/Instagram

She went on to thank the firefighters in her Instagram Stories, while many media outlets started reporting the sad news.

Cara Delevingne thank you message to fire fighters
Credit: @caradelevingne/Instagram

But after a few more hours, she received the best news possible. Her cats were rescued and uninjured!

Cara Delevingne Instagram story that her cats survived the fire
Credit: @caradelevingne/Instagram

In a now-deleted story, she shared one of the heroes who saved her two furbabies.

firefighter rescuing Cara Delevingne's cats
Credit: @caradelevingne/Instagram

The kitties have seen better fur days, but lucky to be alive and well!

firefighter holding one of Cara Delevingne's cats
Credit: @caradelevingne/Instagram

Let’s hope Cara can make it back ASAP for emergency snuggles. Besides her cats, she also has two rescue dogs.

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