Someone Finally Trained Their Cat To Play Mozart (And Created the First Cat Piano)

Aaron Benitez, better known as “Aaron’s Animals, he’s famous for his incredibly creative videos featuring his cat, Prince Michael, and his furry pals (and plenty of special effects).

Someone Finally Trained Their Cat To Play Mozart And Created the First Cat Piano
Credit: @aaronsanimals/Instagram

Below are just recent samples of a long list of viral videos since 2015 (that you’ve likely seen a few of).

Then earlier this month, Aaron teased a new video…

Then he dropped the video, which marked a huge departure from his special effects-filled videos and Prince Michael’s A-list acting skills. This video featured Michael playing a tiny piano!

The next day, he posted the video showing a behind-the-scenes look at Michael’s custom treat-dispensing piano and how he was trained.

Aaron also published a full-length video on his YouTube channel, blurring the line between his usual fantasy videos and a reality TV show. In the style of a feline Nathan Fielder, if you will. It’s funny, touching, impressive, cinematic, and well worth the 10 minutes to watch it.

Michael’s self-esteem was at risk, and I couldn’t bear to see him go the whole summer depressed. If Michael could learn how to order pizza, I know he could learn to play the piano.

Aaron Benitez, on teaching his cat skills that would translate into the real world

The wildest part is he actually worked with vets and a cat behaviorist to develop the pet piano – Which currently has a waiting list. And, of course, it’s a “smart” pet piano, that he developed his own app for.

Aaron's Animals Pet Piano and app
Credit: Aaron Benitez/Pet Piano

For more info, head over to and @thepetpiano on Instagram. If you aren’t already, @aaronsanimals on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are must-follows. And check out when we first covered Aaron’s Animals way back in 2018, with “The cat who finally caught the laser.”

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