“The cat who finally caught the laser” and more hilarious cat videos from Aaron’s Animals

With no shortage of cute cat videos on the internet, it’s hard to stand out. But for Prince Michael and his human Aaron Benitez, they make going viral look easy. Over the last few years, they’ve released a stream of hilarious animal videos, featuring the acting talent of Michael and the special effects wizardry of Aaron.

The Cat Who Caught The Laser

With each video, it’s clear to see the actual hard work, talent and passion Michael and Aaron put in. The stories, humor, acting and visual effects are all perfectly entertaining. Aaron adopted Michael in New York, before moving to L.A. Using his background in Hollywood visual effects, Aaron has turned Michael’s natural acting chops into an international sensation. Check out a few favorite videos down below and make sure to follow them on Facebook for more.

If Cats Rules the World

2 Fast 2 Furryest

Cat Cooking Show

Iron Cat

Homemade Jet Ski

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