Juniper The Happiest Fox with 1.2 Million Followers

Juniper is one happy fox, so happy she’s attracted over 1.2 million Instagram followers to share it with her. She’s also very lucky because she was bred for her fur but lives with a loving family instead. Because she’s a domestic fox, she is also very tame, unlike her wild cousins.

Juniper Fox - Happy Instagram
©Instagram @juniperfoxx / Juniper the happy fox

That said, she’s still a troublemaker, always looking to pounce, chase or bite. She loves to play tag and will chew up toys (or furniture). One thing to note that pictures won’t tell you is all foxes are smelly, a bit like a skunk. She is housebroken, which is rare for a domestic fox and lucky for her human. She has fun inside but also needs lots of outdoor time. Her personality is friendly, playful and very sassy, which is clearly seen on her Instagram profile.

Juniper Fox and her boyfriend Moose
©Instagram @juniperfoxx / Juniper Fox and her boyfriend Moose

Domestic foxes don’t always get along with dogs, as they can confuse or upset dogs as they’re so different. But in Juniper’s case, her boyfriend happens to be an Australian shepherd malamute mix called Moose. She has three other roommates as well, with Olive the cat and two white-faced sugar gliders called Petunia and Peach. Found only in Australia or New Guinea, sugar gliders are a tiny cute possum-like creature that can glide through the air like a flying squirrel. These sugar gliders were both rescued from poor living conditions by Juniper’s human. Moose and Olive are rescues as well.

Juniper Fox in Nature
©Instagram @juniperfoxx / Juniper is a gorgeous babe

Not taking her good life and social media fame for granted, Juniper uses her sponsorships to help provide homes for other animals in need. If you want to learn more about domestic foxes and follow her adventures, visit her at her website, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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