The Adventures of Molly Sausage Roll and her Furry Freewheeling Friends

These are the adventures of Molly and her crew of Dachshunds with IVDD who need wheelchairs to get around (and also a couple of canine roommates rocking out without wheels). This includes Izzy, Waldo, and most recently, Hazelnut! Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) is a spinal disorder that can happen to any breed of dog, but is most common in Dachshunds.

Molly first started charming people on Instagram way back in 2015, for her amazing attitude, her incredible speed, and her signature pinwheel spinning as she went. And not only were humans impressed, so are other pups!

Then these hot dogs took over the slopes with custom sleds!

And they’re not afraid to get their wheels wet!

Molly sadly passed away in 2022 after 13 years of living her best life thanks to her caring humans. And we can be thankful for the joy Molly shared with everyone and for increasing awareness for IVDD and adoption!

@mollysausageroll Very sad today, it’s been a year since Molly crossed the rainbow bridge. Not one day has passed that I have not missed her this advise has kept me going “Don’t cry because it it’s over …smile because it happened”. I was so lucky to have had over 13 years with my Angel, my heart is still broken #fyp #1yearago #heartbroken #dachshund #dachshundsoftiktok #love #sausageroll ♬ original sound – MollySausageroll

You can follow Molly’s legacy and her fur-wheeling friends at @molly.sausageroll on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

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