Rapper Cardi B Attacked By Cheetah In Music Video Bodak Yellow

Cardi B blew up on the rap scene but apparently, one cheetah doesn’t seem to share our love for Bodak Yellow.

The video on YouTube has been viewed almost 500 million times even though they cut the scene where the cheetah extra tries to take a swipe at Cardi B.

The cheetah was ‘rented’ from a Sultan in Dubai where the video was shot. Unbeknowest to the rap star, the big cat didn’t like rap. It snarled at Cardi B during a moment behind the scenes, scaring her and causing the cheetah to lose its job on set.

cardi b cheetah

The director found a different, more docile cheetah-actor that they managed to use to film the scene. They fed the big cat six pounds of deer meat so it wouldn’t try to take a bite out of the rapper.

Cardi B, being the bad bitch she is, ended up petting the spotted kitty.

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