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Yves Tumor does not have any reported pets.

Yves Tumor

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Yves Tumor is an American musician and producer, known for their genre-bending approach that blends experimental, electronic, and rock music. They gained critical acclaim with the release of their album “Safe in the Hands of Love” in 2018, which was followed by “Heaven to a Tortured Mind” in 2020.

Tumor’s discography showcases a diverse range of musical styles and influences. Their earlier work, including albums like “Serpent Music” (2016), laid the groundwork for their experimental sound. “Safe in the Hands of Love” marked a significant shift towards a more accessible yet avant-garde style, while “Heaven to a Tortured Mind” continued this evolution, blending elements of psychedelia, soul, and rock.

Throughout their career, Tumor has collaborated with various artists and producers, contributing to the distinctiveness of their music. They have worked with Croatian Amor, Puce Mary, and James K, among others.

Tumor’s work has been recognized for its innovation and impact on the experimental music genre. “Safe in the Hands of Love” received widespread critical acclaim, being lauded for its unique sound and emotional depth.