Acupuncture Pokes It’s Way To The Top of Pet Pampering

Drop the doggy Xanax. Forget about Poochi Sushi and Reiki for your cat, let’s take a stab at pet acupuncture

The traditional Chinese practice has recently found its way into your pooch’s paws. Pet owners have started gravitating towards the alternative medicine in order to treat their four-legged friends’ ailments.

Just look at this cat. Straight chill.

pet acupuncture

Acupuncture is used for cats and dogs to treat musculoskeletal and chronic pain ailments like arthritis or even gastrointestinal problems.Tiny needles are inserted at certain points on the animal, relieving pain by stimulating blood circulation.

toast dog acupuncture

The practice has recently started to gain popularity. Even Toast (RIP) was known to partake in the occasional poke.

It doesn’t stop with cats and dogs, either. This albino alligator named Bino used it to treat his scoliosis. It was the first ever case of an albino alligator recieving acupuncture and it’s magic.

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