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Jasper (Dog)

Adopted May 2021

Link Neal adopted a dog named Jasper in May 2021[1].

Jade (Dog)

Before Jade, Link Neal had a dog named Jade in the family.

Link Neal

Link Neal Pets


June 1, 1978 (45)

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Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III is an American YouTuber, comedian, actor, and musician, best known as one half of the comedy duo “Rhett & Link” alongside Rhett McLaughlin. He is co-creator and co-host of the YouTube series Good Mythical Morning, which has amassed a significant following since its inception. Neal’s career extends to various other projects, including Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings, Rhett & Link’s Buddy System, and the podcast Ear Biscuits. Additionally, he has co-authored the novel “The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek” with McLaughlin.

Neal’s contributions to the entertainment industry encompass a range of roles in film, television, and online media. In television, he gained recognition through Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings, a reality series that aired on IFC in 2011, where he and McLaughlin produced commercials for local businesses. The duo’s digital content extends beyond Good Mythical Morning, with successful ventures such as The Mythical Show in 2013 and their YouTube Premium series Rhett & Link’s Buddy System in 2016. Neal’s voice acting work includes appearances in animated series, further showcasing his versatility within the entertainment sphere.

Throughout his career, Neal’s collaborations have significantly shaped his professional trajectory. Alongside Rhett McLaughlin, his most frequent collaborator, Neal has worked with a diverse range of individuals across different mediums. This includes teaming up with notable figures such as Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart on YouTube projects, collaborating with Jack Black in episodes of Good Mythical Morning, and engaging with PewDiePie in a crossover event that blended their unique comedic styles. His work with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show and participation in Smosh’s projects highlight Neal’s ability to bridge the gap between traditional and digital entertainment realms.