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Does Andre Agassi Have Any Pets?

Blue (Dog)

Andre Agassi has a dog named Blue.

Buster (Dog)

Stefanie Graf and Andre Agassi have a dog named Buster.

Yankee (Dog)

Stefanie Graf has a dog named Yankee.

Cat (Cat)

Adopted 2014

Stefanie Graf adopted her first cat in 2014.

Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi Pets


Steffi Graf

(2001 - )

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Andre Agassi is a former professional tennis player widely recognized as one of the best players in the sport. Agassi’s journey in the world of tennis is marked by remarkable milestones and notable contributions including winning eight Grand Slam singles titles. Furthermore, his electrifying rivalry with Pete Sampras captivated audiences and elevated the sport to new heights, leaving an enduring legacy in the world of tennis. Collaborating with renowned celebrities and influential figures, Andre Agassi partnered with legendary coach Brad Gilbert, resulting in several wins.

In recognition of his outstanding talent and achievements, Agassi has received numerous awards throughout his career. His remarkable list of honors includes being inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame and winning the Olympic gold medal in men’s singles at the 1996 Atlanta Games.

Beyond his athletic pursuits, Andre Agassi has shown a strong dedication to animal advocacy. Through the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education, he supports initiatives aimed at providing educational opportunities for underprivileged children.