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Does PewDiePie Have Any Pets?

Maya (Dog)

Breed: Pug | Adopted 2009

PewDiePie got his first pug named Maya in 2009 (also known as Puga). She has one eye due to a fight with cat when she was young. She is a light beige color with a dark brown face. She also has her own song called “Jabba the Hutt”.

In his vlog series “Fridays with PewDiePie,” PewDiePie often interacted with Maya, giving her a high-pitched voice for playful conversations. Maya was distinguishable by her light gold fur and a darker brown face, and even inspired her own song, “Jabba the Hutt.” According to PewDiePie, in her later years, Maya experienced both blindness and deafness, common age-related conditions in dogs. On December 18, 2022, Maya succumbed to canine dementia, passing away at the venerable age of 17.

Edgar Allen Pug (Dog)

Breed: Pug | Adopted Oct 2013

Edgar is PewDiePie’s second pug which he got in October 2013 with his girlfriend Marzia. He is black colored and is named after poet Edgar Allan Poe.

Edgar made his debut on an episode of “Fridays with PewDiePie,” released on October 13, 2013, called “MA NEW DOGE,” and also appeared in a video titled “MEET EDGAR!” on Marzia’s channel. At 10 years old, he’s notably larger than Maya, who passed away at the age of 17, and sports a coat of sleek, black fur. Generally described by PewDiePie as a jittery dog that craves attention, Edgar has shown surprising composure in the videos he’s been featured in—although he’s known for the occasional mischief involving PewDiePie’s recording equipment. When interacting with Edgar in videos, PewDiePie lends him a squeaky voice and a sardonic character.

Ynk (Dog)

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Ynk was a Yorkshire Terrier belonging to Felix’s parents and resided in Stockholm, Sweden. She was part of a canine family that also included other dogs like Edgar and Maya. Her final appearance in a PewDiePie video was on December 28, 2016.

Slippy (Toad)

Breed: Cane Toad | Adopted Sep 2016

Slippy is a cane toad PewDiePie got in September 2016 and is named after the toad character in the video game Star Fox.


PewDiePie Pets


October 24, 1989 (34)

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Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is better known as PewDiePie and occasionally as Pewds. PewDiePie’s dog of choice is pugs. He’s a famous Youtuber from Sweden who rose to stardom for his comedy, vlogging and his “let’s play” videos (videos of him playing video games with his commentary). PewDiePie was once the most subscribed user on Youtube, which has earned him an estimated net worth of $20 million but has since fallen out of popularity due to anti-semitic comments. He has since denied being anti-semitic.

PewDiePie History

His love of video games and art started as a child, with him known to draw popular video game characters. While in university in 2010, he launched his Youtube channel. After realizing he hated his degree and really loved playing games and making videos, he dropped out of university. In order to keep creating videos in his early days, he sold prints of his Photoshop art and worked at a hot dog stand.

PewDiePie soon found a fan base and built up a following of over a million by mid-2012. In 2013 he became the most subscribed user on YouTube and broke other YouTube records, such as most viewed. With over 53 million subscribers, has been noted as one of the most influential Youtubers and his videos have drastically affected the sales of video games he features. His fame has also earned him sponsors such as Disney, as well as him to support several charitable causes.

PewDiePie YouTube and Collaborations

PewDiePie rose to fame on YouTube with his “Let’s Play” videos, notably his horror game playthroughs like “Amnesia.” His unique humor and exaggerated reactions quickly made him a hit. Over time, his channel diversified to include various types of content like “Meme Review,” “LWIAY,” vlogs, and book reviews, along with a satirical news segment called “Pew News.” Despite this expansion, the core of his content—irreverent humor, charisma, and a pulse on internet culture—has remained constant, keeping his fanbase, affectionately known as “bros,” loyally subscribed. His adaptability and keen audience understanding have sustained his influence in the dynamic world of digital entertainment.

In 2014, PewDiePie teamed up with another YouTube heavyweight, Smosh, in a video that showcased a hilarious mockup of the latter’s “Food Battle” series. Moving on, in 2015, he collaborated with fellow YouTuber Markiplier to promote Revelmode, a sub-network of Maker Studios. Revelmode later gathered more prominent YouTubers like Jacksepticeye and CinnamonToastKen, making it a multi-talent endeavor. Notably, in 2016, PewDiePie ventured into games with “Scare PewDiePie,” a YouTube Red original series produced in collaboration with the creators of “The Walking Dead,” Skybound Entertainment. This venture opened the doors for PewDiePie’s collaboration with another industry titan, YouTube itself, further solidifying his ubiquity on the platform. Around 2017, he collaborated with Roomie and Boyinaband in the making of “Congratulations,” a musical jab at T-Series overtaking him as the most subscribed YouTube channel. Last but not least, PewDiePie joined forces with DLive in 2019, a blockchain-based live streaming platform, steering away from traditional platforms and showing his adaptability.

Despite a career replete with controversies, PewDiePie has amassed several notable distinctions that cannot be ignored. He’s received multiple awards from the Shorty Awards, taking home the Gaming Creator of the Decade title in 2019. In 2015, Time magazine named him one of “The World’s 100 Most Influential People,” signifying his impact beyond the digital realm. PewDiePie’s channel has also achieved numerous YouTube Play Buttons, including the coveted Ruby Play Button for surpassing 50 million subscribers in 2016. He was even recognized by the Guinness World Records for having the most subscribers on YouTube, a title he held until 2019. Another feather in his cap came in the form of a Starcount Social Star Award for “Most Popular Social Show” in 2013, emphasizing his mass appeal.


After a few months of controversy, PewDiePie made big headlines in February 2017. He had a video that features anti-semitic jokes in late 2016, which resulted in plenty of backlash on social media and with the press. This resulted in Disney and Youtube both dropping their sponsorship of PewDiePie and cancelling the release of the second season of his original Youtube series.

He is also known for his long-term relationship with Marzia Bisognin, who is also a famous Youtuber that also goes by the username CutiePieMarzia.