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Marizia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia)'s Pets

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Marizia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia)'s Pets Worth


Edgar Allen Pug

Pug | Adopted Oct 2013
Pet Worth: $1 Million

Edgar is PewDiePie’s second pug which he got in October 2013 with his girlfriend Marzia. He is black colored and is named after poet Edgar Allan Poe.


Pug | Adopted 2009
Pet Worth: $1 Million

PewDiePie got his first pug named Maya in 2009 (also known as Puga). She has one eye due to a fight with cat when she was young. She is a light beige color with a dark brown face. She also has her own song called “Jabba the Hutt”.

Marizia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia)

Marizia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia)

Marizia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia) Net Worth:

$2 Million

Marzia Bisognin, born October 21, 1992 is an Italian Youtuber also known as CutiePieMarzia. With almost 7 million Youtube subscribers, she is the most subscribed Italian Youtube channel and one of the most popular beauty and makeup-based Youtube channels. Thanks to her Youtube channel, voice-over work, book publishing and fashion design, she has an estimated net worth of $2 million. She is also known for her long-term relationship with famous Youtuber PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) and have two pugs together.