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Ellie (Dog)

Pearl Davis has a dog named Ellie.

Pearl Davis

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November 4, 1996 (27)

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Hannah Pearl Davis, best known for her compelling presence on TikTok, YouTube, and as a social media influencer, is an assertive voice in the digital sphere. She heads the YouTube channel JustPearlyThings, where she shares her perspectives and creates content that consistently sparks debate. Often compared to Andrew Tate, Davis has been identified as an “anti-feminist”, creating a unique and somewhat controversial niche for herself.

Davis has made clear her unconventional political views, holding the belief that women should not be allowed to vote and advocating for the illegality of divorce. Her stance on these issues often puts her in the spotlight, drawing both support and criticism from various quarters.

Davis has been no stranger to controversy, as evidenced by a number of contentious incidents in 2023. In July of that year, she shared a video where she played an antisemitic song on the guitar, expressing viewpoints that stirred up substantial controversy. The song, “Why can’t we talk about the J3ws?”, was dedicated to right-wing political commentator Nick Fuentes. Following a wave of backlash, the video was removed. The same month, Davis again drew public ire for a tweet implying that 16-year-old girls were more attractive than those a decade older. The tweet was met with criticism from both ends of the political spectrum, with commentators voicing concerns over the sexualization of minors. Although Davis later deleted the tweet, citing misinterpretation, the controversy it incited still lingers in public memory.