Meet Matilda, the rescued Alien Cat with celestial eyes

Matilda’s no ordinary tabby cat.

Rescued as a kitten with a clean bill of health, her family quickly discovered that she was unlike other cats in a big way…

Matilda’s eyes contained tiny galaxies.

While the stars in her eyes were initially harmless, things began to change for the little cat. The lenses had spontaneously detached, and her eyes started to swell. Desperate for answers, her human parents shuttled her to countless vet appointments. They tracked down the rest of Matilda’s litter and discovered the disease was genetic.

Matilda eventually had her eyes removed. Luckily, she had the support of her Earthly family to help her through the tough times.

She’s a self-proclaimed Alien Cat who took the internet by storm, with her Instagram boasting 150k followers. The tiny kitten is a galaxy ambassador for Paws for Hope (a BC specific humane society) and The Canadian Federation for Humane Societies. She makes her own cash through a merchandise line where you can get her celestial peepers printed on t-shirts and coffee mugs. Most of the proceeds are donated to her fellow felines in need.

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