Heroic emu helps stop alleged drunk driver after hit-and-run

In London on July 28, a hotel chef named Dean Wade heard tires screeching and a huge crash. He went outside and saw a pickup truck had crashed right into the front of a store.

The driver got out, appearing drunk, and took off. The chef chased after him until they reached the fence of a nearby wildlife sanctuary…

Emus can grow over 6 ft, weigh up to 130 lbs, run up to 30 mph, and can kick your butt [Image via Wikimedia / Creative Commons]

As reported by The Times, Wade told the driver “Don’t go in there, look at that emu, it will do you in.” Wade said the driver bragged that “I can fight emus,” before climbing over the fence where an over 6-foot tall mama emu and her babies were. Emu moms, like most moms, are very protective of their young. And she wasn’t having any of it. “The driver is throwing kung fu kicks and punches and the emu is moving its neck out of the way and jabbing him in the ribs and the head,” “It must have hurt.”

The brave bird kept the driver busy for about 15 minutes, which bought Wade enough time to wave down a passing police car who then arrested the driver! Unfortunately, Wade didn’t have time to film the fight during the chaos but said he wish he did..

emu stops drunk driver crash
Don’t mess with this big bird!
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