Mistaken cat-dentity: guy accidentally kidnaps neighbours cat, keeps hostage for 5 days

In a classic case of mistaken identity, a New Zealand man accidentally kidnapped his neighbour’s cat. Luckily for us, his mate Clarke Grayford was tweeting the entire incident.

The cat had been acting strangely (due to being a hostage) and so had a trip to the vet’s office where he was prescribed anti-anxiety medication and bed rest for 5 days, leading our kidnapper to lock the kitty in his bedroom. The vet didn’t notice, however, that the cat was actually a male and the original kitty was a female!

It gets better. Apparently, the neighbour actually came by looking for her cat but by this point, the kitty is drugged and locked in a bedroom.

By the end of the ordeal, both cats were returned to their respective homes and the neighbour who’s cat had been nabbed was surprisingly cool with the whole situation.

The kitty might have had a slight case of Stockholm Syndrome from literally being cat-burgled but didn’t seem too upset by the whole situation. It turns out, this isn’t an uncommon experience. People have been replying to the Twitter thread with stories of their own accidental kidnappings!

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