Boo the World’s Cutest Dog Makes $20,000 a Week

Boo the Pomeranian, aka The Cutest Dog in the World, pulls in a cold million annually for his human. He is a Teddy Bear Pom with a short snout and a crown of big, bushy ginger fur. He keeps his locks closely clipped, has 17 million Facebook followers and resembles a miniature, fluffy bear.

Himself and his two brothers, Buddy and Sir Blueberry Pie, make up the Blonde Mafia aka B3 Misfits. And what is the tagline for the cutest gang in the entire world, you ask? “Bringing Terror to Ankles” would be the, ahem, ferocious answer.

After gaining 5 million Facebook followers, Boo attracted the attention of Chronicle Books who approached his human with a book deal. Boo: The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog was born. The picture book was so popular it was published in ten languages and became an international success. Merchandise such as calendars and the beloved Boo stuffed animal followed, as well as a second book Boo: Little Dog in the Big City. You can even get Boo Facebook stickers.

Boo’s hard work has paid off, he pulls in an estimated one million dollars annually with his pee-wee paws. That’s almost $20,000 a week for being cute. He has also landed a role as the spokesdog for Virgin America Airlines. As their official Pet Liaison, Boo gives out travel advice for the mile high canines and felines of the world.

Making appearances in Harper’s Bazaar and having celebrity friends the likes of Seth Rogan, Martha Stewart, Lauren Miller and his twitter-proclaimed girlfriend Ke$ha hasn’t got to Boo’s, or his human’s, head. His human has made genuine effort to stay anonymous, allowing all of the attention to focus on the bear-like babe and, as a result, keeping his home address a mystery.

Boo has a wardrobe which would make Neville Jacobs jealous. He’s got a different outfit every day – except for Naked Wednesdays. The petite pooch rocks little red booties when the ground is too hot or too wet, keeping his tiny teddy bear paws protected.

One gloomy April day in 2012 Boo was the subject of a viral death hoax. The day the entire internet mourned, the hashtag #RIPBOO trended on Facebook. Twitter exploded with lamenting Boo fans until Chronicle Books posted a statement that the world’s favourite pup was alive and well. He’s now celebrating 10 tongue waggin’, belly scratchin’ years of delightful puppyhood.

Every great celebrity comes with a side of controversy and the high life is no different for Boo. Rumours have been circulating that his human, who goes by the pseudonym J.H. Lee, is actually Irene Ahn, a Facebook employee. Hearsay and scandal surround Boo’s fame – did his owner manipulate Facebook algorithms to achieve internet stardom for her furry baby? Did she somehow cheat the Pomeranian into the spotlight? Is all of this a lie? Do we care?

When it comes to those we idolize from afar – Boo, The Kardashians, Katy Perry – does it matter whether they came onto our screens with a crooked Facebook algorithm, a poorly shot sex tape or cupcake breasts? The true importance, really, lies with the joy we get when we see The Cutest Dog in the World’s fluffy little face gazing back at us from our Instagram feed. We love you, Boo.

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