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Otto (Cat)

James Marriott has a cat named Otto.

James Marriott

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July 7, 1997 (26)

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James Marriott is an English musician, YouTuber, and Twitch streamer, recognized for his critical analysis videos on social issues, internet culture, and critiques of other content on YouTube. He launched his music career with the single “Slow Down” in May 2020, followed by EPs “No Left Brain” and “Bitter Tongues,” culminating in the release of his debut album “Are We There Yet?” in 2023, which reached No. 17 on the UK Albums Chart.

His career is also defined by collaborations with notable figures in the digital content sphere, including ImAllexx, WillNE, Memeulous, True Geordie, JackMate, and Pyrocynical. Marriott was a member of the Eboys group, contributing to their collective digital content and podcast.