Dustin & Tayto Just a Couple Best Buds Throwing Shade At Each Other

Our pets never cease to surprise us with their antics, clever ways of doing things, and emotional intelligence. Lassie may have saved Timmy from the well for television, but that’s not far fetched from some real life situations. Pets do amazing things for their humans. The world was stunned when Lulu played dead to save her parents life. Some furry friends use their talents for good, then we have Dustin and Tayto – a couple best buds that tease each other in the most human way possible.

The way Tayto barks disapprovingly at the end

It’s Dustin & Tayto, a couple photogenic dogs from Australia. Dustin is a Jack Russell crossed with a Pug and Tayto is a Corgi, the Queen’s dog. We don’t know how these things happen, but all we know is that Dustin & Tayto are a couple very smart pups. In fact, Corgi’s are ranked the 11th smartest dog in Stanley Coren’s book The Intelligence of Dogs. He evaluated 136 dogs so we could say Tayto is in the top 10%. We’re really not sure where that leaves Dustin, but it’s safe to say some of Tayto’s book smarts has rubbed off on him.

Tayto has had enough!

@dustinpup Tayto has had enough of the short leg slander #corgi #fyp #scoot ♬ original sound – Dusty.and.Tayto

A Couple Smarty Pants

Credit: @dustinpup IG

Have you had enough? We just can’t get our fill of these two adorable pups. Make sure to follow Dustin & Tayto on their Instagram and TikTok for more clever antics.

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