The Story of Jan Crouch: Televangelist, Dog Lover, Wig Enthusiast

Jan Crouch, the notorious American Christian broadcaster, was a woman whose cotton-candy pink wig had it’s own orbit. According to most, Jan was the pinnacle of corrupt televangelists delving deeply into “Prosperity Gospel”. The Crouch’s family dynamics, immersed in sex scandals and financial secrecy, would give the Manson’s a run for their money. At the epicenter of the Crouch controversy lies a million dollar inheritance which is currently in the paws of Betsy, a Maltese Poodle. We don’t like to speak ill of the dead, but here’s the story…

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Jan Crouch grew up in Columbus, Georgia as a reverend’s daughter. She met her husband, Paul Crouch, at an Evangel College in Missouri and the couple started Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) together in 1973. Over the course of their lifetime, they turned TBN into a multi-million dollar company and collected billions in tax-free “gifts” (donations from believers in the faith).

The use of “Praise-A-Thons” by the Crouches on TBN has been widely criticised, the tactic – oh whoops, we mean religious ideology – is known as Prosperity Gospel or Prosperity Theology. Prosperity Theology is the belief that donations to religious causes will increase one’s material wealth or overall happiness. Clearly, the “religious cause” (in this case, Trinity Broadcasting Network) perpetrating this belief stands to benefit financially.

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The tax-free gifts from the 2010’s Praise-A-Thon alone totalled 93 million dollars, allowing the Crouches to live life in Televangelist luxury. At one point, Jan was making over 300k annually and had a $100,000 camper for her dogs to live in. The couple had accumulated a ridiculous amount of luxury items – including mansions, California beach front properties, and a private jet. Oh, and not to mention Jan’s extensive wig collection.

The couple were being accused by their granddaughter, Brittany Koper, of financial misconduct. Koper was eventually fired by the Crouches for the claim that they misappropriated over $50 million dollars from the charity.

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Covering up their lavish lifestyle and sexual misconduct (Paul paid an employee over $400,000 to keep their homosexual affair quiet) from their viewers, the Crouches attempted to appear as humble Christians on the air. They fooled thousands of viewers, were never actually charged with anything and managed to live their lives out in affluent comfort.

Jan Crouch passed away after her husband, leaving most of their extensive state to her dog, Betsy. She claimed that God came to her in a dream, and told her that, “my dog was more deserving of my fortune than my children”. Or, maybe she was mad that her granddaughter accused her of some very unethical behaviour?

So, there you have it. Christian Televangelist couple steeped in scandal and making their riches off of the backs of the faithful. Eventually, after living an outrageously lavish lifestyle, leaving everything to a Maltese Poodle named Betsy. We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.

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