Metalhead German Shepherd Sneaks in and Watches Metallica Concert in California

Storm is a German Shepherd living in California who has loved metal since she was a lil’ pup. Her big dream was to see Metallica perform live, but her lowsy parents would never let her go… That dream became a reality last week, when Metallica happened to be playing at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, which is next to her home.

Storm the German Shepherd watching Metallica concert
Actual photo of Storm watching Metallica [Credit: @Metallica/Facebook]

Storm then took destiny into her own paws. She growled the lyrics to herself, “So let it be written. So let it be done. I’m sent here by the chosen one.” She then turned into bolt of lightning and burst through her backyard fence, leaving a trail of sparks in her wake. Next, she was in the crowd, but it just wasn’t good enough. There was another flash, and she materialized on stage with an electric guitar in her paws. Specifically a Jackson King V Custom. Then she ripped her claws across it… And the crowd went beserk!

AI image of German Shepherd performing at a Metallica concert
AI image of what this rocking doggo was imagining at the time (if we had to guess)

Ok so the last paragraph and AI image is what we imagine was going though Storm’s head when she escaped her yard and snuck in to the show. It’s still unclear how she got past security and got a seat (if it wasn’t with her secret Storm super powers) Metallica posted the unbelievable photo on Facebook, saying that Storm was reunited with her family the next day. Lets assume that Storm went backstage after the show and partied it up, with Metallica keeping that info on the down low so she wouldn’t get in trouble.

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