Meet Lola the Swan Influencer: From a Rescue To Living It Up Poolside

This is Lola, an orphaned Swan who got lucky twice. Not only was she rescued, but her new parents have her living the good life with a backyard pool and lake!

…after multiple attempts with numerous wildlife volunteers & my family to reunite me with my only surviving sibling on the lake where I came from, I was attacked by two aggressive male swans & most likely would not have survived. I was then brought to a wildlife refuge outside of Orlando where I was a bit more isolated & did not thrive. At this time my family consulted with @theregalswan (leading worldwide foundation for swans in captivity) to bring me permanently back home where I would be safe, pampered & loved. A lot has gone into creating a habitat for me where I live on a lake with other ducks & wildlife as well. More to come as we share the journey.

@lolatheswan, Instagram, June 2023
Lola the Swan Instagram Influencer
Credit: @lolatheswan/Instagram

Here’s the ball of fluff back in June 2021, when she arrived at her forever home in Orlando.

Here she is getting adjusted to her new lovely life sitting poolside (while her own personal pool is getting built).

Lola also has a couple of waterfowl friends as roommates.

Here she is enjoying a snuggle with dad.

And laughing it up with mom.

They’re not always splashing around, though. Lola likes to take it easy with indoor activities like movie night.

Now a 2-year-old adult swan, Lola also likes to help out in the kitchen.

And she’s even working on her education online!

While human champagne isn’t her thing, she does enjoy a nice ice-filled champagne bucket.

Lola doing her laps in luxury.

To learn more about Lola’s adoption story, please read the two Instagram posts below.

Make sure to follow @lolatheswan on Instagram. And for another Avian influencer, meet Winston the Seagull Influencer.

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