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Spike Fearn does not have any reported pets.

Spike Fearn

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Spike Fearn is an English actor notable for his roles in films such as “Sweetheart,” “The Batman,” and “Aftersun,” as well as the ITV2 drama series “Tell Me Everything.” His portrayal of Tyler James in the 2024 Amy Winehouse biopic “Back to Black” and his upcoming roles in “Alien: Romulus” and “Ella McCay” further highlight his contributions to film and television.

Fearn’s filmography includes a variety of roles that demonstrate his range within the industry. He began with minor parts, playing Elvis in “Sweetheart” and a vandal in “The Batman.” In “Aftersun,” he took on the role of Olly, and in 2024, he appeared as Tyler James in “Back to Black.” His involvement in future projects such as “Alien: Romulus,” currently in post-production, and “Ella McCay,” which is still filming.

Throughout his career, Fearn has collaborated with several key figures in the entertainment industry. His appearance in “The Batman” involved working alongside established actor Christian Bale. In “Tell Me Everything,” he co-starred with Jessica Barden. Upcoming projects like “Alien: Romulus” and “Ella McCay” feature collaborations with directors Fede Álvarez and James L. Brooks.