Senior Dog and a Little Girl – Best Friends Through a Glass Door

Sheitan spent most of her life alone, tied up, and outside as a farm dog. Then came Bridget Hammond, and her life changed forever. The 12-year-old boxer mix is so grateful for any companionship and this sweet girl was more than happy to oblige

The 12-year-old boxer now gets to snuggle with kittens, people, and friends.

“She’s just so easygoing. All she wants are pets and food,” said Hammond. “She looks like she’d had plenty of puppies in her day, so she just curls up with the kittens and mothers them. It’s so sweet.”

“I came out into my living room and saw them sitting together like that, watching TV on the phone,” Hammond said. “I don’t think either of them noticed that I was there. I kinda just backed away and let them do their thing.”

The little girl didn’t know it, but she’d made Sheitan so happy. “It’s all she wants, really — someone to sit with her,” Hammond said.

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