Bruno Bartlett: Thicc IG Cat Celeb Who Became a Viral Sensation

Bruno Bartlett is down with the thiccness.

The 25lb cat was dropped off at a shelter. His needy ways and extra AF attitude made him a bad fit for his family. But, Bruno was barely homeless when his thicc pics and demanding attitude went viral. His eccentricities made him an internet star overnight, and the adoption applications started pouring in.

One candidate stood out among the others. Lauren Paris is, apparently, as extra as Bruno. She made a video serenading the shelter with the personalized tune Gimme That Fat Cat. Hopefully Paris and her partner are ready for an extra 25lbs at the end of their bed – Bruno demands a place on the duvet, obviously.

On top of loving (and looking like) a good snack, Bruno demands fresh water. But not in the bowl beside his food dish. The water must be in a different room. Oh, and don’t forget to pet him while he eats. It’s a pretty strict must. He only plays with his feather wand and has very specifc places where you are aloud to touch him.

Bruno also likes to stand on his hind legs. This, coupled with his extra few toes on each paw, makes for a weirdly Totoro-like picture.

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