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Kristen Kish does not have any reported pets.

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December 1983 (40)

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Kristen Kish is a Korean-born American chef, renowned for winning the tenth season of “Top Chef.” She has served as chef de cuisine at Menton in Boston and is the host of “36 Hours” on the Travel Channel. Kish is also a co-host of “Fast Foodies” on TruTV and “Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend.” Additionally, she hosts National Geographic’s “Restaurants at the End of the World.”

Kish’s culinary journey began with her education at Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago, where she earned an A.A. in culinary arts. She gained significant recognition in the culinary world as an instructor at Stir, a culinary demonstration kitchen in Boston, before being promoted to chef de cuisine. Kish’s tenure at Menton was marked by her innovative approach to cuisine. In 2017, she released a book of recipes co-authored with Meredith Erickson, “Kristen Kish Cooking: Recipes and Techniques.” In May 2018, Kish became the chef at her new restaurant, Arlo Grey, in Austin, Texas.

Kish’s career has been marked by significant collaborations and appearances. She competed in Bravo’s “Top Chef” in 2012, where she was invited to participate alongside her culinary school friend Stephanie Cmar. Kish won four elimination challenges and, after a brief elimination, returned to win the competition. In 2023, she was named the next host of “Top Chef,” succeeding Padma Lakshmi. Kish co-hosted “36 Hours” with Kyle Martino and is featured on TruTV’s “Fast Foodies” alongside Jeremy Ford and Justin Sutherland. She also co-presents “Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend” with Alton Brown and Chairman Mark Dacascos.

In addition to her television roles, Kish has been recognized for her culinary skills and contributions to the industry. Her victory on “Top Chef” marked her as the second female winner in the show’s history.